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The finest dove hunting lodge in Argentina

Season: Year round.

Of the many Argentina dove hunting outfitters, Los Ombues Lodge has consistently proven to be in a league of its own. Why?

After establishing as the first 5-star outfitter in Argentina, it soon after became the first ORVIS full hunting destination in Argentina. In other words, the best dove hunting lodge in Argentina. This endorsement later received an outstanding recognition in 2012 when Los Ombues was awarded the “best international lodge of the year” by ORVIS.

With year-round nearby fields packed with doves, no competition nearby, and no game pressure on the birds, there is absolutely no risk to say that when it comes to dove hunting, Los Ombues is priceless.

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Argentina Dove Hunting Lodge

Los Ombues sits comfortably over the best hill overlooking the Parana River’s wetland system (a constant source of water for the birds) and surrounded by rich-in-crops fields unfolding in all directions from the house.

Los Ombues Lodge stands supreme over a long successful dove hunting history.

Season after season, for the last 27 years, this flawless operation has been offering unmatched dove hunting Argentina experiences, very near the lodge.


About Dove Hunting

An average of 3 cases of shells per day per shooter is the daily norm, even though shooting is superb all year round, records show mid-September through early April has produced the best shooting. During Spring, doves concentrate in huge numbers when farmers begin harvesting the winter wheat, but there is plenty of food for the doves even during our winter months.
Bonus: Dorado and Piranha fishing.
Los Ombues is the only place in Argentina that offers both the best dove hunting in the country and great Dorado and Piranha fishing in the marshes that are close to the lodge.
Those who have shot doves in Argentina return impressed by the waves of birds that cross the sky all day long. Los Ombues shooting location is near the Parana River, where the birds roost near the water to circle the fields every day to feed across the vast nearby rich-in-crops hilly region. At midday the doves fly in both directions and in the late afternoon, they return to their roosts.

Our dove hunting lodge

Dove Hunters at Los Ombues do not:

  • suffer long drives (90% of the time, driving time is 5-25 min max)
  • bump into rival Outfitter’s vans roaming the roads nearby
  • meet or hear other bird hunters shooting in the nearby area

Dove Hunting at Los Ombues means:

  • non-stop high-volume dove hunting, ever month of the year
  • lunches are always back at the lodge



Los Ombues exceeds all expectations again. This was my third trip and the best ever. We went in November so we were hunting only doves. Our average was about 5000 doves per hunter for the trip. Amazing place. Maria made the trip painless and totally organized. Juan Pablo and Augie were fantastic hosts, everything was 5 stars from food to lodging. I can’t wait to make my 4th trip to Los Ombues.

dbirdhTHE BEST EVER!!!!

We had a fantastic dove hunt! Dove shooting at its finest. Accommodations were great and the food even better. Juan Pablo and his team made the trip wonderful. We look forward to returning!


This was my 4th trip to Los Ombues. It’s the only place I’ll ever hunt in Argentina. Maria plans the entire tirp and ” everything ” goes perfect. Juan Pablo and Augie make sure every hunt is within 5-10 minutes. Amenities and food are awesome. Our group killed over 38,000 doves. Los Ombues is a must for every wing shooter. First class in every aspect.

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Los Ombues stands supreme over a long successful dove hunting history

FAQS about dove hunting in Argentina

What species of dove is hunted at Los Ombues?

At Los Ombues, clouds of Eared Doves (Zenaida Auriculata) crisscross the skies near the house as they fly back and forth from the roost to the nearby rich-in-crop fields to feed. Literally, hundreds of thousands of birds fly non-stop from dawn to dusk very near the lodge.

What is average driving time to the dove hunting fields?

Los Ombues is very proud to have kept the average driving time to the dove hunting fields around 5-25 minutes for the last 27 years.

What is the dove hunting season at Los Ombues?

Dove hunting is 365 day a year at Los Ombues: the place where every day is Opening Day.

How many shells does a dove hunter shoot per day at Los Ombues?

The best dove hunting runs from September until April, where it is common to shoot 3-5 cases of shells per hunter per day. During the mixed-bag season (May through August) each hunters easily shoots 1-2 cases of shells per day.

Where does the dove hunting take place?

Los Ombues owns and manages exclusive private fields boosting around 40,000 acres of prime rost and marsh habitat. Contrary to other provinces with heavy nearby competition, Los Ombues enjoys the privilege of not having any competitor less than 80km. And after the 2-year COVID halt, the number of doves is simply beyond imagination.

Hunting dove in Córdoba?

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Los ombues

27 years of uniterrupted high-volume

27 years of short drives to the fields

lunches always back at the comfort of your lodge

after-lunch naps always in the comfort of your bed (air conditioner + heater + bathroom)

90% of shooting fields leased esclusively to L.O.


a noticable and serious decrease in the volume

from 20-min drive (average) to 1 or 2 hours drive (average) in recent years

field lunches 95% out in the field (rain, cold, heat, flies, etc).

naps on hammocks or cots

fields shared 50-50 with other outfitters